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Over time the charge port inside your device takes a bit of a beating – constantly inserting and removing your charger, often vigorously and sometimes the wrong way.

Even leaving your phone on charge and then tripping over the cable and knocking it (we’ve all done it) contributes to problems with the charging efficiency.

Is your device not charging?
Don’t worry, we can fix it.

This is all to common with devices fitted with the dreaded micro usb port, however it is all devices that are subject to issues with charging.

At FoneFix we can repair almost any charge port on any device at a reasonable price and for most devices we can do it the same day.

This year, we have repaired


I put my phone on charge when I went to bed as normal but when I woke up there was no life!! I thought that was it but I took it to fonefix and they had it back up and running within an hour. Thank you so much!!

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