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At FoneFix we understand how important your phone or tablet is which is why we have been helping people for over 6 years by giving genuine advice, assistance and offering repairs on all most any device.

Unfortunately we live in a disposable world, where things break and we just throw them away and buy a new one, however as phones and tablets get more expensive this isn’t as much of an option. At FoneFix we are here to repair your device and bring it back to life, wether it be a smashed screen or a broken charge port there is now no need to throw it away.

We offer reasonable repair prices and only use genuine parts so there is no need to worry, we will fix your phone and it will be as good as new.


Bring your device into FoneFix

Wether it be a phone or tablet – we are the experts


We Diagnose the problem and give you a quote

There is no hidden costs, we tell you upfront


We repair your device and you collect it

Its as simple as that

When I dropped my new phone and smashed the screen I was heart broken. Fortunately the guys at fonefix were able to fix it within an hour. I couldnt believe it!!!

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