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As we spend time enjoying the Spanish weather either around the pool or at the beach its inevitable that some of our devices will fall prey to water damage.

If this is the case then first things first – don’t try to turn it on, this will only make things worse. Once you’ve retrieved your device don’t push any buttons and take out the battery immediately (if possible). If you can’t remove the battery then try to power of your device to prevent a short circuit.

Many people will swear by the rice method where by you put the device in a bag or a bowl filled with rice. While this has its advantages it can also cause more issues – if the starch from the rice gets inside your device this will only add to your problems.

Unfortunately electronic devices and water simply don’t mix.

Your best bet is to bring it straight to the experts – we will then safely dismantle your device and dry it out correctly. After we have thoroughly dried out your device we can then begin to investigate how much damage has occurred and what we need to do to repair it.

Unfortunately we cannot say how much damage will have occurred or cost of the repair but we will always advise you honestly – if the device is a “write off” and it will end up costing more to repair than it is worth, we will tell you.

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